Tay Sia Yeun’s Singing Journey

« Only after years of perseverance can one realise that miracles are habitually late, fashionably late.»

Sia Yeun’s voice is like the sprites in the forest, occasionally sunning on a treetop, occasionally lying beneath the shade and mimicking the flowing streams. It is natural, intelligent, rustic, unbending, and persistent. In this fast-moving age, such a sincere voice that is true to itself is especially hard to come by and worth cherishing.
~ Renowned singer Hu Haiquan
- one half of Yu Quan (duo)
Let the closed ears of the city / Return to their senses, one by one / To hear Sia Yeun sing a song.
~ Dr. Liang Wern Fook
On my way / To where my heart longs for / With a smile / And no hesitation.
~ Illustrator Ah Guo (Lee Kow Fong)

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Latest Event

  • Set Forth and Runaway with Chi Sheng and Sia Yeun Venue: Esplanade Concourse
    Time: 5:15 - 5:45pm and 6pm - 6:30pm
    Special Guest: Brian Ng
  • Intune Music School's 10th Anniversary Concert It's the 10th anniversary of my friends, Peng Chi Sheng & Aaron Matthew Lim's music school. I will be performing live with Chi Sheng during the concert and soft launch my “Set Forth" EP during the concert.
  • Chinese Theatre “SoleMate” Sia Yeun is also acting in a Chinese Theatre “SoleMate” by The ETCeteras. During the premiere of “SoleMate” on 8-Dec-2017, the producer, Ocean Butterflies Music, will launch the OST CD (which includes her 2 songs: “Set Forth” & “Flutter”).
  • The MV of “Set Forth” The MV of “Set Forth” is officially released to social media on 17-Nov-2017 (Sia Yeun’s birthday).

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