Tay Sia Yeun’s Singing Journey

« Only after years of perseverance can one realise that miracles are habitually late, fashionably late.»

Sia Yeun’s voice is like the sprites in the forest, occasionally sunning on a treetop, occasionally lying beneath the shade and mimicking the flowing streams. It is natural, intelligent, rustic, unbending, and persistent. In this fast-moving age, such a sincere voice that is true to itself is especially hard to come by and worth cherishing.
~ Renowned singer Hu Haiquan
- one half of Yu Quan (duo)
Let the closed ears of the city / Return to their senses, one by one / To hear Sia Yeun sing a song.
~ Dr. Liang Wern Fook
On my way / To where my heart longs for / With a smile / And no hesitation.
~ Illustrator Ah Guo (Lee Kow Fong)

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You Left
这是一位觉醒的孩子写给为他默默牺牲的姥姥的一首歌。孩子因为家庭因素,大部分童年都在姥姥家住。长大后大部分的人生投向于学业,事业,商业,婚姻,和个人提升机会等因素,无数 *次* 忘了陪伴姥姥的时间。岁月很快的过去。不知不觉,姥姥也慢慢老去,最终离开人世。孩子对姥姥的最后回忆就是在姥姥过世前的几天,姥姥突然把自己的手轻轻地贴在孩子的脸颊上,然后对孩子说了二字"谢谢"。姥姥过世后,孩子决心采用语言学在以该免费网站《 》的生命时光机 《》,音乐《你走了》,等通道和媒体平台,让该知心者和同胞们都可以把没说的,没写的,没做的人事 *物一一* 完成。 这首歌描述着蜡烛芯和在蜡烛上的火苗不离不弃的一种亲密关系。虽然蜡烛芯牺牲了自己,也实实在在地包容着火苗,但这牺牲的举动也奇妙的是蜡烛芯存在的意义。生 *与* 别可说是天意,也 *毕竟* 是人为(妻离子散,精神分裂,死亡等)。从错过的时光找到领悟,并且在从组回复的过程寻找新的自己。成为跟强和有力的蜡烛芯,延续那不离不弃地决心,守卫着您人生珍贵的火苗。 谢谢您的支持。 #zinniaafternote 演唱 Singer: 郑夏韵 SiaYeun Tay 监制 Executive Producer: 魏俊祥 Sean Wee 曲 Composer: 魏俊祥 Sean Wee 词 Lyricists: 刘慧凝 Lau Hui Ning, 魏俊祥 Sean Wee 制作 Producer: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik @ The Sonic Confectionery 编曲 Arrangement: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik 和音 Backup Vocals: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik 录音室 Recording Studios: Red Roof Studios (Vocals), The Sonic Confectionery (Backup Vocals) 录音工程师 Recording Engineers: Evan Chan, 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik 混音 Mixing: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik 母带后期 Mastering: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik Video: Selena Yeoh