Tay Sia Yeun’s Singing Journey

Sia Yeun is a highly versatile singer across a wide variety of genres such as Pop Ballads, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Musicals, and Classical Opera. Music keeps Sia Yeun going.

Mastery through unlearning and relearning

Sia Yeun’s mastery of her voice and the different genres is a result of a long and arduous journey.

With a late and jittery start in 2003, she began vocal training with the famous Asian veteran songbird, Ms. Pan Xiu Qiong. She did not know what lay ahead, but fate would have her meet many people with whom she would repeatedly cross paths with. One of these people is Mr Erick Guansing, whom she met at Singapore Street Festival in 2004. In 2006, Erick guided Sia Yeun to unlearn and relearn her breathing, enabling her to overcome her spine injuries that caused her pain even when breathing.

In 2008, a major flu damaged Sia Yeun’s inner ears. With her hearing partially impaired, she had to unlearn and relearn the ability to catch the feel and pitch of the music.

All the unlearning and relearning allowed Sia Yeun to have a deep understanding of the features and the control of her voice.

The new age: When 40 is the new 20 (and so on by extension)

This is a new era in which success stories of entrepreneurs, entertainers and politicians regardless of age flood the media. In her 40s, Sia Yeun left her full time job in 2014 to pursue her singing career.

As society moves to accept that age is irrelevant to talent, many competitions removed the upper age limit. Sia Yeun made strong appearances in “Project Superstar”, emerging top 60, and “Voice of China Season 3 - Singapore Audition”, emerging top 6. These strong finishes gave her a great boost of confidence.

With the newfound confidence, Sia Yeun made the best of the opportunities. She recorded advertisement jingles, most notably “Teochew Nang, Kaki Nang hey-o hey-o”, the theme song for Singapore Teochew Festival 2014. Sia Yeun made her acting debut in Royston Tan’s movie “3688”, which was screened in Sep 2015 in Singapore and took part in movie festivals in Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan. In 2016, Sia Yeun starred in “Getai – The Musical”, which was staged 42 times in Singapore and Malaysia. She met Local composer, pianist and producer, Mr. Peng Chi Sheng during this musical.

In her next major breakthrough, Peng Chi Sheng and Terence Teo encouraged Sia Yeun to submit her demo songs to Zhejiang Television Music Channel “Sound of My Dream” show. After two weeks of intense auditions, she became the first foreigner to take part in the show. She appeared in episode 6 of the show, in which she received the judges’ and audiences’ affirmation of both her singing prowess and her unwavering spirit in music. The sponsors Huawei referenced the lyrics of a popular song to encourage Sia Yeun with the line “When facing the headwinds, the musical notes will provide the lift.

Sia Yeun’s appearance at “Sound of My Dream 梦想的声音” episode 6 on 09-Dec-2016:

YouTube Round 1 (song only): Opera & Soul Medley l proviBabbino Caro & RespectR

YouTube Round 2 (song only): 她说

Sia Yeun seized the opportunities afforded by the new age, to become the spokesperson for this newage.

Good old days, good old dreams

Since childhood, Sia Yeun has dreams to be a singer. Having come this far, Sia Yeun realises her dreams by working with Peng Chi Sheng on her first EP “Set Forth” to share their music with everyone. The EP contains 4 songs of varying genres as a display of Sia Yeun’s wide-ranging repertoires and styles. In this album, the acclaimed Terence Teo has arranged two of the songs, while the famous local illustrator Lee Kow Fong (aka Ah Guo) will draw for the two songs and his artwork will be featured on the limited edition postcard accompanying the release of the EP.