Tay Sia Yeun, 45 years old local amateur singer, competes in "Sound of My Dream"

On 08/12/2016
Thanks to the recommendations by Singapore arranger Terence Teo and vocalist Peng Chi Sheng, Sia Yeun makes her debuts on the stage of the China singing program "Sound of My Dream" after a 2 weeks intense audition. At the age of 45 years old, Sia Yeun is the the oldest participant in the program so far. She is also the only Singapore representative and non-Chinese contestant.

The MV of “Set Forth”

On 17/11/2017
The MV of “Set Forth” is officially released to social media on 17-Nov-2017 (Sia Yeun’s birthday).

Chinese Theatre “SoleMate”

On 08/12/2017
Sia Yeun is also acting in a Chinese Theatre “SoleMate” by The ETCeteras. During the premiere of “SoleMate” on 8-Dec-2017, the producer, Ocean Butterflies Music, will launch the OST CD (which includes her 2 songs: “Set Forth” & “Flutter”).

Intune Music School's 10th Anniversary Concert

On 19/12/2017
It's the 10th anniversary of my friends, Peng Chi Sheng & Aaron Matthew Lim's music school. I will be performing live with Chi Sheng during the concert and soft launch my “Set Forth" EP during the concert.

Set Forth and Runaway with Chi Sheng and Sia Yeun

On 07/01/2018