You Left

这是一位觉醒的孩子写给为他默默牺牲的姥姥的一首歌。孩子因为家庭因素,大部分童年都在姥姥家住。长大后大部分的人生投向于学业,事业,商业,婚姻,和个人提升机会等因素,无数 *次* 忘了陪伴姥姥的时间。岁月很快的过去。不知不觉,姥姥也慢慢老去,最终离开人世。孩子对姥姥的最后回忆就是在姥姥过世前的几天,姥姥突然把自己的手轻轻地贴在孩子的脸颊上,然后对孩子说了二字"谢谢"。姥姥过世后,孩子决心采用语言学在以该免费网站《 》的生命时光机 《》,音乐《你走了》,等通道和媒体平台,让该知心者和同胞们都可以把没说的,没写的,没做的人事 *物一一* 完成。

这首歌描述着蜡烛芯和在蜡烛上的火苗不离不弃的一种亲密关系。虽然蜡烛芯牺牲了自己,也实实在在地包容着火苗,但这牺牲的举动也奇妙的是蜡烛芯存在的意义。生 *与* 别可说是天意,也 *毕竟* 是人为(妻离子散,精神分裂,死亡等)。从错过的时光找到领悟,并且在从组回复的过程寻找新的自己。成为跟强和有力的蜡烛芯,延续那不离不弃地决心,守卫着您人生珍贵的火苗。



演唱 Singer: 郑夏韵 SiaYeun Tay
监制 Executive Producer: 魏俊祥 Sean Wee
曲 Composer: 魏俊祥 Sean Wee
词 Lyricists: 刘慧凝 Lau Hui Ning, 魏俊祥 Sean Wee
制作 Producer: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik @ The Sonic Confectionery
编曲 Arrangement: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik
和音 Backup Vocals: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik
录音室 Recording Studios: Red Roof Studios (Vocals), The Sonic Confectionery (Backup Vocals)
录音工程师 Recording Engineers: Evan Chan, 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik
混音 Mixing: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik
母带后期 Mastering: 王家毅 Wong Kay Aik
Video: Selena Yeoh

Flutter MV

《Flutter》is the second title song for my EP 《Set forth》. It is also the sub theme song for Chinese Play “Sole Mate” presented by The ETCeteras. I am honored to have Brian Ng, the leading actor in the play, to sing this song with me. I am also very grateful to all who have helped in filming and producing this MV.

SPECIAL THANKS: The ETCeteras, Ocean Butterflies Music,
Dance Ensemble Singapore, The Changing Point Artistes, Hairloom for Brian Ng’s hair direction and styling, Athens Salon (Official Hair Sponsor for Tay Sia Yeun)

Official Music School: Intune Music

Music Video Director / Editor:Jo Heng
Hair & Make-up for this MV: Elbson Soh
Cast : Tay Sia Yeun, Brian Ng
Pianist : Peng Chi Sheng
Dancers : Kenneth Tan & Trey Ho
Dance Choreographer: Kwa Chze Siang

Interview with Tay Sia Yeun by FMindies Singapore

Thank you Fmindie Singapore for this interview.

It's a special day this Sunday (7-Jan-2018). I am launching my debut EP <Set Forth> with my pianist friend Peng Chi Sheng at Esplanade Concourse in the evening (5:15-5:45pm & 6-6:30pm).

I would like to invite you all to my album launch. There will be a special guest too: Brian Ng 黄超群 (who duet with me in 1 of my songs)

Set Forth MV

Back to my most natural self. Not wanting to be a star, but to be on stage to sing my song.

I finally have my own song after 40 years of wait. I've set off! How about you? Will you understand and soar with me?

Set Forth - First performance

My performance during CNY 2017 at Esplanade event “All Things New” on 29-Jan-2017. Performing my very first original song “Set Forth”. This song is composed by Peng Chi Sheng, lyrics by Yongli Seow.

A Little Happiness

My performance during Chinese New Year 2017 at Esplanade event “All Things New” on 28-Jan-2017. “A Little Happiness” was one of my demo songs that I have re-arranged and submitted for the audition of “Sound of My Dream 梦想的声音”.

Sound of My Dream round 2 (她说)

Sia Yeun’s appearance at “Sound of My Dream 梦想的声音” episode 6 on 09-Dec-2016.

Sound of My Dream round 1 (O Mio Babbino Caro & Respect)

Sia Yeun’s appearance at “Sound of My Dream 梦想的声音” episode 6 on 09-Dec-2016 performing an Opera & Soul medley “O Mio Babbino Caro & Respect”.

We are young

River Valley High School 60th Anniversary theme song, Jan 2016

Teochew Festival TV Jingle - Bossa Nova Feel

The Voice of China Season 3 Singapore Audition 2014 (2/2)

Final round.

The Voice of China Season 3 Singapore Audition 2014 (1/2)

Top 6 finalists for The Voice of China - Singapore's audition in 2014.